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CVS-I SCHD40 Tube Adapter Coupling
The tube adapter allows you to connect standard vacuum tube (2" outside diameter) to standard 2" schedule 40 plumbing tube (2.35" outside diameter). The SCHD40 adapter is used to convert tube systems to commonly available drain-waste-vent plumbing tube. The tube adapter is PVC for permanent adhesion with pvc cement to the tubing system. This fitting is not IAPMO or ASTM rated.

The new SCHD40 tube adapter features a convex flange on the step down side to improve airflow and reduce noise. On the vac-tube side of the coupling a reduced height stop allows airflow movement without interruption, eliminating the clog potential in other 2" SCHD40 adapters. Also available in short 90° Elbow Design.

Sold 1 each. White PVC. 2"DWV X 2" VAC straight tube coupling/adapter.  

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