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Airvac AVP Platinum & Airvac Deluxe Attachment Set Combo Pak
Each Airvac Central Vacuum package deal includes the Airvac Red Series or Airvac Platinum Series power unit with the Airvac Deluxe powered attachment kit PLUS an original Vacsoc brand knitted hose cover ($39.99 MSRP) installed on your power hose. High performance Airvac central vacuum cleaners are a great way to replace your under-performing existing system and a excellent value for a new system where your pipe and inlets have already been installed. This Exclusive Vacdepot Package Deal Offer includes the following components:

AVP Series Platinum Airvac Central Vacuum Cleaner Power Unit Airvac AVP Platinum Series Power Unit
Water Lift (IWL)
Air Flow
Air Watts
Mfg. Sug.**
Home Size
2-stage, 120V
up to
2-stage, 120V
up to
2-stage, 120V
up to
2-stage, 240V
up to
** For general sizing requirements most homes should double the actual square footage for use with the manufacturers suggested sizing.

Choose the power unit you need for your size home. Airvacs advanced Platinum series power unit offers both disposable bag and bagless collection systems with an electronic control system with four segment performance meter and two color service indicator to alert you to the systems performance. Disposable collection is hygenic with slide closure gate on the 5.2 gallon bag that traps dirt and dust within for easy disposal. Airvac Platinum models also include an impressive 10 year factory warranty. The AVP model Airvacs are industry leaders in design and innovation including bi-directional intake & exhaust ports (installs left or right, user selectable), large lightweight collection bin, Easy-LV hook-up and metal hanger bracket, Teflon Dust-Release HEPA filter, Front Mounted Utility Inlet and low-noise motor housing with foam lined muffler exhaust included.

Airvac VM2200DS VM4200DS Deluxe Powered Attachment Set Airvac Deluxe Powered Attachment Set (VM2200DS Universal or VM4200DS Direct)
Outstanding Value and Performance, the Deluxe Powered Attachment Set from Airvac gives you the tools and power you need to clean every surface in your home. With a 30 foot long dual voltage hose you can connect all of the cleaning tools to your vacuum system for convenient cleaning and perfect filtration. The Deluxe attachment set includes a German made power brush with high speed geared belt drive brush roller and electronic safety and control system. The powered brush features auto-height adjustment and long-life fluorescent headlamp with an easy step-on quick disconnect. Two chrome steel telescopic wands are included to connect both the powered brush and other attachments in the set including a wide-path floor brush, crevice nozzle dusting tool and upholstery nozzle. The Deluxe attachment set also include a wire hose hanger and vinyl caddie bag to store all of your cleaning tools.

The Deluxe Powered Attachment Set can be ordered with a corded universal connect style hose (model VM2200DS) or with a direct connect style hose (model VM4200DS) for use with powered inlet type installations. Choose your hose style using the drop-down box above the add to cart button at the top of this page. For help determining which hose type you need see our article Central Vacuum Hoses & Inlets.  

Grey Knit Vacsoc Hose Cover BONUS Installed Grey Knit Vacsoc Hose Cover
A Vacdepot Exclusive for Airvac Package Deals Only! Our most popular CVS accessory, the original Vacsoc knit hose cover. A durable, washable polyester seamless tube soc that covers the entire length of your hose with stretch ties at both ends to keep it in place. The knit hose cover is grey in color to match the original hose body color and hide soils and stains. The Vacsoc knit hose cover protects your walls and furniture from damage of the hose being pulled over and around them. The Vacsoc also protects your hose and provide greater control by preventing kinking of the hose while you clean. The vacsoc hose cover also makes your cleaning hose more manageable, easier to handle and easier to re-coil when it's time to hang the hose back up. The grey Vacsoc knit hose cover will come pre-installed on your Airvac Deluxe Powered Attachment Set cleaning hose.  
Airvac Combo Pack Deals are limited to 2 units per household, no dealers. Quantity is limited and this offer may end at any time. Each Package Deal includes the (1) CV Power Unit, (1) Deluxe Powered Attachment Kit, and (1) Knit Vacsoc Hose Cover (grey) Installed on the power hose. More information and ala carte purchase options for each item in the Package Deal is available on the Vacdepot website, just follow the links above to the individual items. CVS Power Units and Attachment Kits purchased separately (on the same or different orders) will not receive the Package Deal pricing unless ordered with the Package Deal part number (PUK-XXXX).

All items within the Package Deals include their original warranty. Every Airvac PUK package deal includes a deluxe power brush attachment set. VM2200DS & VM4200DS deluxe power brush attachment kits are identical except for hose connection style. You choose either Direct Connect (model VM4200DS) or Universal corded (model VM2200DS) hose style for your inlet type at the top-right of this page when ordering. Sorry, at this time no substitutions are allowed.


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