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Hoover CVS Power Unit - ABS 3 Stage
The Hoover S5604 central vacuum has been discontinued by Vacdepot and is no longer available online. We have replaced this model with the Hayden SuperVac series, which are manufactured by the same company in Canada. The Hayden SuperVac 5000 offers the same permanent filter design with 15% stronger performance. The SuperVac 9000 provides superior consistency of airflow with Cyclonic filtration and a 25% stronger motor system.

The Hoover ABS plastic 3 stage builders central vac model S5604 with 9 gallon receptacle for installations up to 8000 sqft. Excellent performance in whole house cleaning and perfect for your spec home installation with a 1 year unconditional warranty. The builder series Hoover CVS systems provide performance in a lightweight ABS chasis for the value minded builder or installations where sensitivity to noise is not an issue. Powered with a Lamb Electric© high performance motor, the industry leader in vacuum motors, the S5604 provides 97 CFM of airflow and 136" of sealed suction. Providing a combined 465 Air Watts, the S5604 is suited to homes up to 8000 sqft. in size with flooring of all types.

Hoovers utilizes a new manufacturing process for their CVS power units to ensure longevity including the full ABS body with screw type dirt canister that uses no latches. The new motor cover is slotted for 360° cooling, providing fresh air for the cooling intake. Hoover has eliminated the need for barrel clamps in the body & dirt bucket seal area giving a positive seal without leaks.

Hoover CVS power units utilize cyclonic separation along with a lifelong filter to keep vacuumed soil inside the dirt bucket. The Hoover filter media is capable of capturing particles down to 0.1 microns with 95% efficiency to ensure motor protection from incoming dust and also allow the unit to be vented inside the mounting area, should you so desire. The filter area is as large as possible to provide an optimum surface area for efficient air-flow without restriction. The filter media is non-organic and does not support mold growth for extended storage of vacuumed debris. Adhering to the true cyclonic separation principals the intake of the machine does not use a baffle which normally sets up turbulence inside the vacuum disturbing the rotational flow. Hoover now uses a 45° elbow to direct the air down into a truly cyclonic motion to help precipitate the removal of debris from the air stream.

All Hoover CVS Power Units include a 1 stud steel mounting bracket that is easy to hang and provides quick mount and dismount, you need only supply the correct fastener for the wall type you intend to mount to. The power panel includes a manual on/off switch, motor reset switch and low volt wire connection with crimp on terminals. Hoover CVS Power Units have a 6' 3 wire power cord for connection to a standard 120V power outlet and have a matte textured finish on the exterior.

CVS Power Unit With a reference orientation of the unit hanging on the wall in front of you; Exhaust is to the right hand side top of the tank, intake is lower on the main body of the tank to the right. The exhaust connection is approximately 6" from the top of the unit and 6" from the mounting wall. The intake is located approximately 24" from the top of the unit and 3.5" from the wall. It is recommended that you mount the unit with a minimum of 12 inches clearance on all 4 sides to allow for connections, efficient cooling and access to the dirt bucket for emptying. A dedicated 20 Amp grounded circuit is the recommended power supply and should be located within 5 feet of the mounting bracket.

Product Specifications

  • 3 Stage 13.5 Amp 120V Motor
    • 97 Cubic Feet / Minute
    • 136 Inches / Water Lift
    • 465 Air Watts
  • 9 Gal. Dirt Capacity
  • Self Cleaning Filter
  • Unit is Ventable
  • All ABS Plastic Construction
  • 360° Motor Ventilation
  • Textured Black Matte Finish
  • 21lbs Total Weight
  • 40.25" High, 14" Diameter
    • 1 Year Manufacturers Parts & Labor Warranty
    • For Domestic Residential Use Only


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