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CVS-I Central Micro Final CVS Filter
All central vacuum systems are capable of venting some form of dust, usually only microns or sub-micron in size. This the why venting outside is always the best idea when possible. For applications where outside venting is not possible, the Centra Micro Filter is a welcomed addition to a central vacuums filtration system. The Centra Micro Filter is produced in Canada by Fibrofiltre International using a unique randomly woven fiber media to produce a cloth filter that will capture the ultra fine dust emitted by most central vacuums.

Central Vacuum Micro Exhaust Filter The Centra Micro Filter is used on central vacuums that have a primary filter which are vented inside, usually a basement or garage. CVS units vented into the basement or garage are exhausting small particles of dust that may mix with the air inside the home through open doors or windows or the natural convection of airflow through your home. The Centra Micro Filter is not to be used on filter less cyclonic models, which must be vented outside. Easy to install, the filter has a ridged collar which fits over a fitting hub or an exhaust muffler with hub. The Centra Micro Filter will last 6 months to 2 years depending on usage and primary filter style. A handy color gauge is included in the package that helps you know when to replace the filter.

Sold 1 each. 

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